Winter Skin


We all know how the winter reeks havoc with our skin. All the central heating and generally staying indoors too much. 
My skin is very dehydrated all year round but especially in the winter so I have to make a few changes this time of year.
First of all I exfoliate more using acid toners. I really find this makes a real difference to my skin as it removes all the dead skin and also helps my serum to absorb into my skin much better. i love my skincare but I'm quite lazy about it when it comes to masks and things so using an acid toner such as Alpha H liquid gold is a great cheat as it's easy to fit into my routine. 
Facial oils are also great in the winter. I sometimes find them a bit much in summer particularly when it's very hot (I live Rome and it gets unbelievably 
hot in summer) . You can put them directly on the skin or mix a couple of drops into your moisturiser. The two oils I love are Oskia Restoration Oil or Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial.
Another good time saver in the winter is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I'm not a big fan of the smell as I find it quite overpowering but the product is great. Just pop it on all over the face and go to bed. You can't as for more then that!!  
The one thing I do all year round is use a cleansing balm. I'm a dedicated Emma Hardie Amazing Face Morianga Cleansing Balm (A Caroline Hirons inspired purchase!!). It not only cleanses my skin but really nourishes it too. I've tried others but always come back to Emma Hardie!!


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