Zelens triple-action advanced eye cream review

Before my wedding last year I wanted to get my skin in the best possible condition(I really wanted to spend far too much money and splurge in space NK)) so I 
popped into Space NK in Dublin and the lovely sales assistant recommend some  
Zelens products and one of the products was.

Triple action eye cream 15ml €81.50

What does it target:
Minimises wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles

Key ingredients:
Hyaluronic acid (moisturiser); marine collagen (wrinkle reducer); caffeine (de-puffer)

How does it feel/smell like:
It's a pale white formula that feels more like a gel and applies like a balm with a fresh, barely-there scent.
This eye cream is a gel texture that sits beautiful on the skin. It comes in a little glass jar which I know is not great for hygiene and the freshness of 
the product but I personally prefer a jar as I find the packaging with a pump can sometimes be very wasteful because you can't regulate the amount that comes out. 
Anyway four months on and my eye cream has just about come to an end. So have I 
noticed any difference you may ask?? As for the fine lines around my eyes they 
are pretty much the same but to be quite honest I don't think any eye cream on 
the market can get rid of crows feet but what I have noticed is that I don't get 
milia around my eyes anymore which is fantastic news. So many of the thicker eye 
creams I used to use caused milia but the gel ones where just not not nourishing 
enough for me. However I found the Zelens eye cream is the perfect mix of the two it's a gel formula but is also really hydrating.
I have very thin skin on my face and have always suffered from burst blood 
vessels. For many years I've had a little small under my left eye which my beautician would never touch because it's such a sensitive area but after only four 
months of using this cream the redness has totally reduced, which it's just 
Needless to say I've already repurchased another one for when this one finishes. 
Thank you Zelens!!!

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